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Why a Bunkers

Why a Reinforced Concrete Bunker

In an uncertain world where preparedness is paramount, our website,, stands as a beacon for those seeking reliable *survival shelters. From innovative **underground bunkers* to meticulously designed *emergency bunkers, we offer a diverse range to meet your unique needs. Our commitment to safety extends to **prepper shelters*, ensuring you have a secure haven in times of crisis.  Explore our catalog of *custom bunkers* and *hidden survival shelters, each crafted with precision to provide not just shelter, but peace of mind. Our **family shelters* prioritize the safety and well-being of your loved ones, while *off-grid bunkers* offer a self-sustained sanctuary away from the chaos.  Embrace the future with our *fortified shelters* and *South African bunkers, seamlessly blending robust construction with discreet design. From **fallout shelters* to *hidden bunkers*, our offerings cater to diverse scenarios, ensuring your preparedness for any eventuality.

In a South African sense most of us feel the topic of being prepared and having a bunker is something for the free masons and the so called illuminati and the really really wealthy. But in reality everyone of us actually need to have at least a plan. Whether your plan is to bug out or to move to a more secure location in the event of a SHTF like the Suidlanders propose. But a plan is a must. Many of us actually are bound to our land and our houses through generations of blood sweat and tears and the mere  thought of leaving our ancestral land is more than we can bare. This is where SASSY South African Survival Shelters comes in. And when  you look at the cost of a live of a loved one what value can you put to that live. There actually is not enough money in the world to really do that type of evaluation. That is why we build bunkers. To save lives. The lives of people who refuse to go silently into the night. A SASSY South African Survival Shelter/bunker is a hardened structure on the outside. Build to withstand Nuclear Blasts and bombings gunfire and chemical and biological threats.. You name it. But on the inside it offers its residents the comforts of home. With running water and proper toilets as well as electricity. Which means while the world on the outside is going completely mad you can enjoy peace and quiet and some extended family time. It is also a place from where you can conduct reconosence of you local area.

Having a bunker/ survival shelter and being prepared can reduce fear, anxiety, and losses that accompany disasters. Communities, families, and individuals should know what to do in the event of a SHTF and where to seek shelter during a farm attack or an home invasion. They should be ready to evacuate their homes and take refuge in survival shelters and know how to care for their basic medical needs. • People also can reduce the impact of disasters by having a hardened shelter ready for the eventuality. Having a place to store basic food and medical supplies as well as feul, amunition and clothing is an absolute must in an South African sense. 


• Disasters disrupt hundreds of thousands of lives every year. Each disaster has lasting effects, both to people and property.

 If a disaster occurs in your community, local government and disaster-relief organizations will not  help you, so you need to be ready as well. Local responders may not be able to reach you immediately, or they may need to focus their efforts elsewhere.

 You should know how to respond to severe weather or any disaster that could occur in your area—hurricanes, earthquakes, extreme cold, flooding, or terrorism.

 You should also be ready to be self-sufficient for at least three days but in this case more is more. 


Natural Hazards that may occur because of Climate change even in South Africa

• Floods • Hurricanes • Thunderstorms and lightning • Tornadoes • Winter storms and extreme cold • Extreme heat • Earthquakes • Volcanoes • Landslides and debris flow • Tsunamis • Fires • Wildfires And of course a Carrington level event


Technological Hazards • Hazardous materials incidents • Household chemical emergencies • Nuclear power plant emergencies and of course our dear friend Eskom.


Terrorism • Explosions • Biological threats • Chemical threats • Nuclear blasts • Radiological dispersion device events- farm attacks-riots.

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