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Adam and Eve Story

The Story of Adam and Eve a history of Cataclysms by Chan Thomas

The story of Adam and Eve by Chan Thomas. As you can see on every page of this website there is a lot of emphasis placed on every one reading this book. Well It was deemed necessary by the CIA to classify this book on its release in 1963 and a redacted version was only released in 2013.


What it says in basic terms is that there is a lot of bad news waiting across the horizon. Just thinking of the flood of Noah might bring a sense of what is to come. This is also the ultimate survival scenario. And to be honest. If you are prepared enough to survive this type of scenario you will be just perfectly fine in any other type of SHTF scenario. I place this book in here as this will be the type of scenario that a SASSY South African Survival Shelter will be able to withstand. Our bunkers have specifically been designed to be firstly water proof and secondly to in the event of a major flood like a Tsunami be able to gently rise from its hiding place. Remember we are the descendants of people who survived the previous Cataclysms. If we prepare for the thing that we do not see we might just be able to survive this and enter a brave new world where the earth will be free again.

I would love for you to do further research regarding this topic. The best places to start is 2 YouTube channels. Firstly Suspicious0bservers and the second one would be Adapt2030. Both of these are very informative and really take a scientific look  at what is happening to our sun. Below are links to both Youtube Channels.

Please feel free to email us at or ​ phone us on +27844135062. The time is now to get your ​ underground shelter. Survival and shelter are synonyms. There is no survival without a shelter.


We design and build it according to your needs and wants SASSY South African Survival Shelters is the answer. Die antwoord South African Deep Underground Bunker South African Deep Bunkers South African underground Bunker South African Survival Shelters

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