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About Us

At SASSY South African Survival Shelters we have set a goal to make it possible and affordable for every South African and African to protect and keep family and friends save from the disasters coming up the road.


As we can all clearly see something just is not right. And many of us know that it is going to get much worse before it gets any better. Therefore the time is now to build your survival shelter. Be one of the 5 virgins that came prepared.

Who we are and what we do

We are the best manufacturer of bomb shelters, underground bunkers, gun safes and NBC shelters in South Africa. We also provide shelter equipment and supplies. All our products are of superior quality because we only use steel and concrete. The casting for the shelters is done onsite which guarantees you the highest level of protection. We strongly believe in preparedness and this is why all our products are designed to meet client’s specifications.

We have been in business since 1990 and have combined experience that extends to over 120 years.


Our company is a real manufacturer of disaster shelter and not an internet broker. By dealing with us, you’ll be assured that the shelters purchased have been specifically designed for you and that it is kept confidential.

The NBC shelters we have are the best in South Africa/Africa. They provide users with the best air filtration system, comfortable living space, water purifying pumps and hidden passages. Our shelters are well equipped and you’ll generally feel like you are in your home, not a disaster shelter. You will have all the amenities required for survival that includes: Bedrooms, kitchens and even closets. The shelter will also be textured, tiled and painted to your liking.

We will be sourcing Air filtration systems and Blast doors from Atlas Survival Shelters in the US and we would also like to credit Ron Hubbard and Atlas Survival Shelters for all of the images on our Home Page.

All of our customers have been satisfied beyond expectations. This is what you should expect when dealing with us This is because we understand the value of a customer which is why we always strive to deliver exceptional shelters. To learn more about us and the products we have on sale, browse our website or call Andre Botha on +27844135062 or email

The story of ADAM and EVE free PDF

Please read the free PDF. It was Classified by the CIA in 1963 and then release partially redacted in 2013

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