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Bunker Features

Your SASSY South African Survival Shelter/Bunker is basically an home away from home but close to home. Which means that there are certain expectations concerning comforts and basic human necessity's that needs to be met even when hiding from an life threatening event. These include fresh breathable air, water, Security, electricity, food, bedding, a place to wash yourself and a place where you can relieve yourself as well as entertainment and a place where you can prepare food and ls a place to sleep. Here follows a list of specific items that will be include in every bunker as well as be optional.

Standard Features in Every Bunker


-Swiss Made NBC air filtration System 

SASSY South African Survival Shelters uses only military grade NBC Air Filtration Systems sourced from Atlas Survival Shelter who gets his from companies like AndAir or Bethel who produce thousands per year. All NBC Air Systems from Atlas will have a manual crank in case power is lost. All Atlas air systems are made from metal housings and have readable gauges and adjustments for air flow. They use 60 pounds of carbon. Atlas is the Leader in survival shelters and are installing Survival Shelters all over the world and we at SASSY South African Survival Shelters are very proud and thankful to be able to get our required equipment from Ron and his team at Atlas Survival Shelters


-Running water will be available in every SASSY South African Survival Shelter be it from the local water infrastructure or an optional Water storage system. The design of the backfill after installation of the bunker on the outside is to perform rainwater catchment as well as water recycling. There is also the option to have bottled water on hand. The optional water holding capacity of the bunker will be determined by the size of the bunker and the amount of people that will occupy the Bunker. Every SASSY South African Survival Shelter will also have a water filtraion system in it. Just to be sure that there is no nasty stuff in the water. 

-American made Blast doors and Hatches.-Not Optional

SASSY South African Survival Shelters will be sourcing all of its blast doors and hatches from Atlas Survival Shelters .The Atlas hatch is made of 9.5mm AR15 bullet proof steel and is embedded in 12″ of concrete. This hatch is called a nuclear blast hatch and was originally designed by the US Nuclear Civil Defense Department.

The Atlas hatch has a tamper proof steel box to protect the tamper proof padlock from torches or a grinder.

Our hatch is 3/8″ AR500 bullet proof steel with hydraulic lifts. It is surrounded by heavy 300mm channel, then surrounded with 300mm of concrete.

Atlas Survival Shelters doors are both gas tight and water proof. If the shelter is not air tight, biological, chemical, and some radiation will get into the shelter

6 point locking system hidden inside the bunker.

Anything that Atlas Survival Shelters do not hot-dip galvanize they will at least sandblast and apply either an automotive type of paint on the interior and the hatches. You don’t see your car rusting, do you.


SASSY South African Survival Shelters will include at least 1 power source in every bunker for the list price. This will be either a diesel Generator or the top of the range Solar system at the time of the purchase. The size of the power source will be determined by the size of the bunker. You can optionally include Both power sources where by the second one will be installed at cost price. Every bunker can also be connected to the grid if this is available although we know this is not a very reliable option.


Apart from the blast doors and hatches sourced from Atlas Survival Shelter we at SASSY South African Survival Shelters will also include a Security camera system in every Survival Shelter looking to the outside. There also is the option to have a Above ground Drone Bunker. So that you can do reconnaissance  of your local surroundings without having to leave the safety of your survival shelter/bunker

Please feel free to send me an email on or phone me at +27844135062.  Remember. In SHTF money in the bank is worth nothing but a bunker is an asset that will appreciate in value over time. Build your bunker now. While the going is still relatively good.

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